Can I change the battery?

No, the battery is sealed within the unit.

How long will the unit last?

Taking good care of your NoShark is the best way to get the most out of your shark deterrent unit.

The battery is rated for 300 charges (charge cycle). For example if you only let it discharge half way and then charge it again after each use, you would be able to charge it approx 600 times. If you swam twice a week for an entire year, the unit should last about 2 to 4 years.

NOTE: Always rinse off the unit with clean water after each use to keep salt water from causing corrosion.

NOTE: Battery life may be shortened if the NoShark is in very hot areas or direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, just like a cell phone.

What is the effective range?

Predatory sharks use electrical sensors to guide their bite in the last one to two meters of their attack, when they open their mouths. NoShark is designed to interrupt attack at this final stage by irritating electrical sensors like a bright light shining in one’s eyes.

Does the device work with all species of sharks?

We have had encouraging video results on great white sharks, galapagos sharks, and white tip sharks. Recent video from South Africa shows great white aborting attempt to eat tuna head when NoShark device is attached and attacking the tuna head with no device attached. Video on the web site shows galapagos and white tip sharks avoiding fish bait when device is present and attacking the bait when device is removed. We have received positive testimonials of effectiveness on tiger sharks, one repeatedly aborting efforts (six times) to eat spear-fisherman’s bait when device was used. No results or testimonials yet on bull sharks. Device seems to have little effect on nurse sharks.

All sharks have electroreception. We have not been able to test the device on all species.

Some sharks, in particular the bottom feeders, including Woobygong, Carpet and Port Jackson sharks, have their Ampullae of Lorenzini located under their snouts and as such, have a diminished response to electronic shark deterrent devices. A small number of sharks such as the Seven Gill and Grey Nurse shark have a diminished Ampullae and are also less affected. The sharks that fall into these categories are in general, not considered dangerous to humans.

Can I get shocked by the device?

NOSHARK emits a high voltage signal. Touching the probes while the device is activated will produce a very mild electrical shock. We caution users not to touch the probes or handle the device while it is activated.

When exiting the water, wait one to two minutes for the device to deactivate before removing it from your ankle. The LED should stop blinking which tells you the device is deactivated until the next time you enter the water.

NOTE: Wear the neoprene ankle band that comes with the unit if you are not wearing a wetsuit. Due to user feedback, we will soon be offering a smaller ankle band to better fit a smaller circumference ankle.

NOTE: Wear the NoShark tightly at the lowest part of your ankle so it does not slip or reorient the direction of the probes. Probes should be facing away from your body.

I have a pacemaker, can I use NOSHARK?

If you have any medical condition, please check with your physician before using NOSHARK.

Is the device guaranteed to work?

It is impossible to predict what sharks will do.  However, our tests have shown NoShark to be very effective.  Nothing is 100% and we advise taking all necessary precautions while in the water whether you are using NoShark or not.